Month of Year rotation problems

Hello everyone, I have the following problem. my rotation (#DMYR # / - 2.5) works very well so far but after november the hand does not jump back to december. in january everything is fine again. what can I do? maybe something like if month is december then 0 °, but i don’t know how. please help me. thanks in advance

It’s strange to start the year with December, but why not.


If the month is 12 then set the angle 0 otherwise (minus the month number multiplied by the angle).

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thank you very much, works perfectly

I have now applied your formula to my day of week $#DOW#==6?0:(+#DOW#*23.666)$ but I have the following problem, nothing happens on Sunday, on Monday it shows Sunday, on Tuesday it shows Monday etc. what am I doing wrong



Pefect, you’ve saved my day
thank you very much