Moon Age updates - frequency?

Does anyone know how often #MOONAGE# updates?

For example, all day this formula (toFixed(#MOONAGE#,1)) has reported .4. That’s about right since the moon is nearly new.

However, I just made a new design and put it on my watch (Pixel) to test and suddenly the moon’s age is .7

I can also get it to update by changing to another face that’s already in my Watchbox Favorites if that face also has the moon’s age and phases. If I do nothing until tomorrow morning, it will still say .7 and stay there (for how long, I don’t know what to expect).

I’m using a 28 day pattern for phases (thank you, Russell Cresser).

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Ha Ha . I made a test and posted it recently . #MOONAGE# is a Floating Point number to about 46 places . about 16 are shown on a watch . So it is constantly changing . The formula you gave shown above gives me 1.3 right now . You have indicated you get a single digit . Thinking about that it is exactly right .
the diffrence between .4 and .7 . It should update every 2.4 hours .
The whole number should change every day about an hour earlier .
I am finding some of the Data comming to the Watch is getting stuck at the moment .
Stick with it .
This sort of thing is getting Fixed .
So I put this test on my watch and it is not Running as I expected .
Runs on the Preview here .
Who knows when it will update .
The problem is calculations running like tharare probably a big battery drain . it could be updated every 15cseconds or something . Every minute will be fine .
I know Little Labs are Scouring the Important Topics on the Community to see waht is going on . I am certain they will pick this one up .

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Right - that’s exactly what I’ve observed - works on the simulator, but much more “behind” on the watch. It’s 8:24 a.m. here so 12:24 p.m. for you, right? I just did some playing with fonts (my font choices always go back and forth between “cute” and “readable.” So, yes, I have 1.3 right now also.

I hope you’re right - that LittleLabs is scouring the Community for what to fix. Maybe #ZSC# will eventually work past 999.

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