Moon Phase backwards, and need help with phase names

on my watch face I have the moon phase which works pretty well, except it’s backwards.

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the moon phase covers an image of the moon I placed, and it covers the opposite part of the moon. when I look at the properties for the moon phase, it shows each image for each phase, is there a way to change what those images look like?

ALSO, how do I get it to say the moon phase as text, like “Waxing Gibbous Moon” etc? Is this not supported on Tizen?

What formula are you using for your moon phase cover? There should be a way to alter it to reverse the result. If you post it I will have a look.

I cheated on having text for moon phases. In Facer’s moon phase element I replaced the moon phase pictures with pictures of the names in text form. That way the phase name stays current with the moon phases without having to do a lot of math and expression coding.

To make those just use your photo editing software like Gimp or Paint,net and write the name and save it as a .png file with a clear background. If you do it in white text you can color it any color you want in Facer Creator.


Clever idea!

I enabled inspection mode if you’d like to take a look

ah, got it working

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what would the math and expression coding be? I don’t want to add text to the image :smiley:

Here’s the Facer Community page that I seen it on. [SOLVED] How To Tag Moon Phase Today Rotation I copied and pasted the final coding into a test watch and run it through a complete month. If I remember there were two days without a moon phase name that were just blank. That’s the reason I went to the pictures instead.

hmm, doesn’t make sense to me how it has the text form of the current moon phase.

I suppose I could cheat and make the images, and create a 2nd moon phase element with just those “titles” below my actual moon phase images… :thinking:

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Yes, that’s exactly what I do. I set the moon phase (picture version) first and then place the the second text picture version to be either at the bottom or top edge.

This is an example of the way I do my moon phases with pictures of the name at the bottom of the moon.