Adding Moon phase Text to watch face

I want to display moon phase status text in a watch face. I am not sure this is possible. Is there some other tag reflecting moon phase status? I am using the moon phase icon element, but I don’t see how I can add moon phase text to the watch. Any thoughts?

This topic explains it all in detail

Or you can use these topics. There are also examples

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Yup, This totally did it. I’m using facers moonphase element with replaced images. Works like a charm! Thank you everyone for your excellent help. There are some pretty ROBUST calcs in the examples you folks offered up, like for a rotational moon dial. Wow, I’m glad you guys are around to crunch out that stuff! I’m more of a plug n play guy. Thank you all again for the help. Check out my “Zaxxon” watch face to see this at work!