#MOONEAGE# problem

This is my newest design.

I was pretty pleased with how it came out, but then, it didn’t appear to work on my galaxy 4. The moonphase hand hadn’t moved since I installed it on my watch.
So I made this one to see if my watch was able to use the #MOONAGE# tag

and indeed it was. Plus I noticed that the hand was no longer flush with the new moon phase, So I reloaded the original face onto my watch, and the moon phase hand was now in it’s new position.
So, my question: Is #MOONAGE# one of those variables that doesn’t update regularly? Is there a way to calculate moonage for watches that can’t use the #MOONAGE# tag?
I tried using the formula I had devised for rotation of the moon disk, but couldn’t make any headway with it?
Also, any syntax errors which might be adversely affecting the updating of the moon phase hand position?


Good job my friend, looks quite cool :sunglasses:
I’m sure some math experts will be along to help you soon…
Hand Gif 01

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@wsilbers . I would not call myself an expert but i have done a bit of Moon stuff .

Here is a test with Old and New Moon Formulas on it .

BTW these work fine on my beaten up GW4 Classic.

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I’ve updated my test watchface above. The gold hand still points to the moon phase using #MOONAGE#. The lavender and teal hands underneath the gold hand point to the moon phase using a calculation with #DNOW# and the value of #DNOW# at a previous new moon. This required 2 hands because the position of either hand jus before or just after the full moon were incorrect and so had to have an opacity of 0. I think this works, although I don’t know if it’s necessary since #MOONAGE# appears to be behaving now.

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