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Back to dress watches. Dress watch style watch face with 4 complications. Attempted a ‘realistic’ look. Interested in seeing how this compares to my more ‘shouty’ sports watch designs.

Nod to the great Kvansant and his 3D skills.




Both are very nice - but I really like the tones in the black one!

Thanks Mike, You’re right - always tricky to make silver get enough contrast without losing the ‘shine’. Cheers. R

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Looks great Richard! I agree with you about sliver tones. Usually the natural lighting is quite dramatic but dynamic. If you choose to go for drama it looks great in a promo pic but awkward on the watch since the watch moves but the dramatic lightning is static. But if you tone it down too much it becomes flat and washed out greys. But I guess that’s where a lot of the fun is :slight_smile:

i like them, the 4 info dials are nice