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More glass fun! This time with isometrics!

Not done yet but here’s a peek. A true graphical challenge for me! Gonna try to squeeze in steps and heart rate if I can although it is becoming quite the little resource pig. :smiley:



Those Numerals Look like Jelly . Just saying .Does the Background have a Wobble on it ? I am looking forward too seeing how you sort the Power Gauge Fluids . All I can guess is another 20 Layers . Well You must be up to 40 already . A lot of complex Faces Have 100 Layers ::)))

Yeah it’s not gonna be glass. I’m trying to figure out what to call it. Something chewy like “gummy” or “pleather” glossy vinyl something. The grid is transparent so i made a multi colored gradient that fills in the grid lines so I was thinking of using accelerometerRawX() to make it rotate about but I am afraid it would hardly be noticeable. Power gauge “fluids” are not so fluid :yum:, more like the segments just light up in green, yellow, red and matching text color as well. I think I might just leave it as is because I just thought of the next one which could be called “pleather weather”. hehe
I just wanted to do something different and just use silly colors too.

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Yeah. Unique. Widh I knew what pleather means.

Pleather is fake usually highly glossed leather/plastic type material used for usually provocative clothing and nightclub furniture. :smile:

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Ahhh. Over here we think PVC for that. Not genraly see through but it depends which shop you go in to Buy it. You Have Fun. :rofl:

Right! PVC! Who goes into shops anymore to buy it? :yum:

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Hey @swat.strachan here’s what I have done with your flicker effect. Thanks! I think it was just what this project needed.

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