More than 1 clock on the clock face

I’m looking for a clock face that allows more than one clock. My son lives in Canada and I live in the Netherlands. It would be easy for me to see how late it is in Canada on the same clock face with my local time. Does that clock face already exist (I can’t find it)?



Hello, if you are a premium user, then there are few faces that allow for manual setting of second time display like this from @russellcresser

If you want a free face, there can be made such, that shows another time with predefined fixed ofset. But you probably wont find such one ready for you with your particular ofset in the catalog. Meanwhile I added my own version of face capable of showing timezones ofset


@jantenkate60. Depends what kind of Face you want. I calibrated this for someone to Tokyo Time. No daylight saving but within th hour is near Enough. But the Face woul be Free.


Then there is something like this for 4 Zones.
Not Free.
Thanks for the Shout @petruuccios.

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