More Than One Face

Just a question as a suggestion.

There are so many great faces for my watch it is hard to make a selection.

It would be great if i could install the watch app more than once so I can have more than one face always available on the watch.

Is that even possible or can it??

You can favorite (the heart icon) a design in the facer app to add it to your Watchbox… and then click on the Watchface shuffle at the top of the page and it will sync them at a specified interval.

If you have the premium facer app to have your watch “store” up to the last 20 sync’d watchfaces.

You’ll still need your phone to sync them however.

Not sure if this is what you’re looking for?

Or were you talking two instances of Facer to swap between? If so, I doubt it’s possible. If a watchface is available outside of Facer (IE: Google play store) you can add them that way as well but most arent available that way

The simple question is, can I have several watch faces from Facer on my watch scroll list? I have one, and the only way to show another watch face from Facer is to select it on my phone. Can all of this be done just on the watch?

Hi @apthomas - you cannot have multiple faces from Facer in your “normal” watch face picker due to limitations of the OS. That said, you can keep 10 Facer faces on your watch and access them by just triple tapping on your Facer watch face. It will show you your most recently synced faces there. If you are a Facer+ user, you can see up to 20.

Hope it helps!

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Excellent, that works. Thanks for the response.