MotoGP watchface


I just finished the draft for a MotoGP style watch face, I initially had the MotoGP logo there but I am not sure if I will be violating copyright rules so I opted to use double chequered flag

The 2 large rotating rings reflect disc brakes, hands represent gauges needles on motorcycles, battery Icon changes colour according to battery charge, steps icon changes to green once goal is reached (set at 7000 steps)

I also added reflections with gyro effect.

Feedback appreciated


Looking good!

I synced it with my Galaxy Watch and I noticed that Facer is crashing every now and then I am guessing the 3 reflection layers are causing the crash so I disabled 2 of them to test…

Yes it’s the gyro, I think it’s being looked at as I’ve reported this before.

Very nice - quite mesmerising!

Thank you @dubblebee & @mikeoday, I just updated it removing the gyro effects as they are causing crashes to the Facer app on the watch and updated the dim mode…


Just published MotoGP Racing after removing the Gyro effects and two disc rotations as they were causing the Facer app to crash

I hope you enjoy it :pray:

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