Movado Connect 2.0 w/ iPhone 12 Pro (14.4) w/ Facer - Will not send face to watch

Everything works up to the point when you want to download a face to the watch Facer will let you to hit send and it spins for the second/backs out like it never sent the face to the watch. This is strictly with the iOS apple application. I tested it out on a friends android device and it works with no problem. I have tired the steps online but i am stuck with Facer. Is there a combination issue with Wear OS and Facer? I see another person who had a issue with a Fossil watch. Thoughts on how to fix this? I have restarted, reinstalled, and have tired everything. The only option is to sync it with a android phone at this time until i get a fix for my personal iPhone.

It sounds like you need to get help from @Facer_Official on that one, you can contact them at: Submit a request – How can we help? or email them at: