Move a photo dx and sx

hi, i have this nice idea:
i put a picture of a owl in the upper center of the face.
i would like that the picture move left and right, maybe
-15° and +15° every second of time.
if seconds = 1,3,5,7,9,11 etc then move the picture at -15°
if seconds = 2,4,6-8-10,12 etc then move the picture at +15°

is also possible a expression for even numbers (2-4-6-8…60)
and for odd numbers (1-3-5…59) ???

thank you very much.

Ok, need some clarification :slight_smile:

Is this how you want the owl to move? (left and right AND rotating?)

Basically, you want to make it look like it’s walking?

This may not be what you’re looking for, but it’s a start possibly.



This is a smooth animation… if you want it to look like stop-animation (like South Park) I’m not sure how to do it offhand, especially since it’d have to be tweaked to get the feel “right”

But the idea above is:

A is the distance from the left hand side, and B is the distance traveled. It will move -160 to 160, making it go from 0 to

320(the limits on the editor).
sin is what makes it go left and right repeatedly.
dwfss is smooth seconds - meaning that it continuously moves, not just when the second changes


Again, sin makes the movement repeat at a constant rate, in this case dwfss which again, is smooth animation
15 is how much it rotates each second

Which will look something like this:

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wow, very impressive.
i would the movement like a pendulum.
but now i try your formulas and see what happen.
thank for this big help.

A simple formula for finding Odd or Even seconds is by using the modulo:

I use it here in the transparency field to alternate the second hand colours.
If modulo remainder = 0 then the seconds are EVEN, show Yellow colour:

If modulo remainder = 1 then the seconds are ODD, show pink colour:

you have understand when you have wrote the explanations.
the owl don’t run on the watch!
he stay on the same place.
like the seconds,
i move from sx to dx like a pendulum.
that was my aim.

ah ok, maybe i understand you.
for my case, i must create 3 same owl.
1 stay in the center, where i want placed it.
1 stay -15° to the left
1 stay +15° to the right
when seconds are 1,3,5…59 i make formula that show the owl on the sx.
when seconds ae 2,4,6,60 i make it for the right side.
is it right ???

Do you want it to “rock” back and forth (left and right) on every second? But stay at the top of the screen?

Is this what you mean?

hi, before you wrote, i have follow your first answer.
this is the work:

your formulas has work fine.
now if i can ask a little complication more,
i want make a pendulum that stay on a fixed position.

second 1-4-7-10 etc it show same pendulum at -15° (i make a duplicate of the pendulum and i put it at 15°, not by formula).

second 2-5-8-11 etc is it the picture at the center (i have placed in first)

second 3-6-9-12 etc the duplicate of the picture, i place at +15° (without formula)

is possible have a formula that control 3 movements by seconds ???
odd and even can’t work, because they control sx and rx
but i would like also control the center.

anyway, what you have wrote before is enaugh!!!
i’m happy also so.
thank again.

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OK I’m glad the basics are working for you.

I think I understand what you are trying to achieve. You want the image to be positioned in 3 different places which would smooth out the motion slightly. Each position is based on an array of numbers (seconds).

I’m not sure Facer supports arrays as I’m fairly new to this myself, but you might be able to get clever using a formula to work out the numbers, maybe using a factor they have in common.

Also I think the values/seconds would be:

-15 degrees (left)

0 degrees( Center):
[2,4,6,8,10,12,14… ]

+15 degrees (right)

yes, you have correct the movement, i have made wrong.
but what formula can say:
if seconds = 1-5-9-13…use photo1
if seconds = 2-4-6-8… use photo 2…
i don’t know if is right to write:
$#Ds#=1-5-9-13-15 etc?100:0$

thank for all your support.