Move "icons" (and "Ok Google) to teh top?


I just wiped my phone and re-installed my watchface, but the “Ok Google”, Disconnected icon, … are displaying in the middle instant of the top.

Can I do something about it ? I tried to search, but “facer” is kinda hard with searching on Google.

It’s not just you, those status icons appear near the middle for me as well. Pre-2.0 had the option to choose pre-defined locations for those status icons, but in 2.0 it’s missing. Would love to see that put back in.

It’s a bit sad to be honest… I used to like Facer on 1.x… now it’s almost “junk”. I mean, since 2.0, I had freezing of the screen (time taking like 5-10s to update), Font of Watchface not synching, Weather not syncing (not fixed yet?) and now I have the “Ok Google” blocking me from viewing the hour on my watchface… most have been fixed, but the 1.x was working very fine ! Not including the fact that I can’t do “quick fix” from my phone and need to launch my computer browser everytime.

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The “ok google” should go away after you say the command a few times. That should not be a Facer problem.