Movement and style test

Still getting my feet wet. Trying to understand some functionalities and how to incorporate different kinds of movement. Built out the bezel and added text. Tried to create a custom minute and hour hand…but they got really distorted. So back to the drawing board on that.

I’m very open to recommendations on improvement here. Both from a style and function perspective.
I was very torn on the color of the arms. Didn’t want them blending in the white, blue screamed out…so the gray tone is an attempt to meet in the middle. Want to change up the weather too…but unsure of what. Also this one is decorative for day, and tactical for night.
Thanks in advance.

Ya know, I’ve had my watch for a few years now. And I have a couple of really complex faces. I can’t even imagine the amount time that goes into some of them. Maybe I will get luck and find them in here and they will have inspection turned on.


If you have light grey hands with a dark border they read niclt. Duplicate the hand layer and make it a bit bigger and darker…

So it is AOD that you Call Tactical. Night mode…
You can switch stuff on at Sunset and Sunrise with #DISDAYTIME# but may be that is for later.

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I love where you are going with this

Sadly, I can’t help with suggestions or coding but I’ll be following this project and you with great interest.


@mrantisocialguy posted some good Weather Icons in the Resources section the other day, and you can use one of these Templates to help make Hands -