Multiple, predefined colour themes for separate objects

Hi @ll & @Facer_Official, @Facer-Staff

When i built my newest interactive watchface i had, because of the lot of work, some fresh ideas.

My goal was to create a real fully customable watch face.

I was able to do a lot of it with combinations of the new #VAR#-Command (Changeable displays, changeable accent and changeable inner field). For defining the colour of the hands i used the theme-mode.

Unfortunatly i ran out of possibilities soon, because of the #VAR#-limitation.

Normally i planned to make changeable hour blocks, colours for dial- and/or displaytexts and light rings at the subdials.

It was a heck of work to create all those different layers in Photoshop, save them separatly in png-format, load them in creator and bind them to the #VAR#-Option. At this frustrating point in this very boring workflow i suddenly had an interesting idea you should think about.

That brings up another important feature i would like to have for all of us.

At the moment, there is only one colour theme for the whole watch face.

I think, if we want to have real nice watch faces we need about four or five different separate themes (hands, text, field colours, hour blocks, accents).

This could save a lot of work and memory consumption, because we would only need one layer for every item in a grey versiont which coud be tinted.

And it would be even greater if we could be able to predefine the colours of this objectbounded themes.

Another idea could be predefined combinations of theme colours, this would minimizes the possible number of combinations but could be easier to use for the customers.

If you are able to integrate this features in facer it could be another milestone that would mean a bigger lead over other watchface companies.

What do you think about it? You already have this wonderful, great working Theme-Feature - why not maximal increase the possibilities of this application, save watch memory and filesize and get a far better workflow for the designer?

I don´t think watchmaker has such a watch face boosting colour-system…

BTW: When you patent this very fresh watchface idea - don´t forget ´ol GAUSS. :wink:



I agree, it’s a lot easier to create an object in white and tint it to the color you need.

And yes, it would save a lot of memory to do it that way if possible.

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I’m not following what you mean. Don’t you create images in PS and upload them in your choice of colors? :confused:

Okay. Let me explain: you save multiple separate layers in your watchface… a few for hands, for indices, for display fields, hour blocks, texts, accent items and so on…

When you save them in grey, it‘s possible to tint them. Normally, the theme mode can only be use on several items at once (Everything green or red…).

What i try to reach is to create a theme picker for each separate item

In that case users can define a colour scheme that changes a lot of items separatly the way they want to. Displays in red, blue, green… whatever they want or (even better) whatever the designers predefine as colours…

You would be able to change every part of the watchface ( Red Hands on a green field with orange display fields ans silver hour blocks…

True user customization…

Got it?

If not, take a look at my new interactive watchface. It shows what i mean.

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Ah, now I understand what you are doing. Thank you for the clarification.

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What do you think? Should facer devolop this variable theme picker?

Yes, sure, that would be cool. Although at the moment I’d be happy if Creator’s Publish Preview would show my designs accurately so that I don’t have to publish>republish so many times to make sure the spacing of elements is correct.

Oh, that doesn‘t sound nice…

@Linlay Very true - that happens to me a lot.

Strange. I had other issues with facer but never that one.

To be fair, it has been a lot better lately.

[quote=“roycaruso, post:11, topic:25055, full:true”]
To be fair, it has been a lot better lately.
[/quote] How so?
I can’t remember the last time I had a preview show up that was not distorted.

Damn, that’s unfortunate. Must affect different people to different degrees.

Don’t yet get to play with #VAR#

That aside, I agree that the current implementation / capability is flawed. You should be able to pick a colour, from a small range (say, between 3 and no more than 8) for a given design. These might all be Earth-tones, or primary palette colours (Red, Green, Blue), and then the watch face colouring would be key-ed off that choice.

That would be best achieved by having a palette table, that is swapped out based on the end-users choice. Certain colours force use of similar or contrasting colours, etc.

Unrelated; I would not consider colour as the only, or most important, use of this level of customisation …