Multiple Sequential Sequences

I have published this as it has to be on a watch to show the Error I am talking about .

I would be extremely Grateful to any one who could help by testing it on their watch and joining in on a bit more In Depth Debugging here.

I’ve got another error for ya :wink:


Seems something is wrong with that expression because i only have green at x = 0

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Oh wow . I have looked at that on 3 different Simulators and my watch. I really dont know what to do about that . The pic above is that a screenshot from your watch ? Could I kindly ask you to Inspect it . I used some Code that William gave me on Slack . I did have my own which was a little less sophisticated .
Mattie Thanks so very much for looking at this .
I ask myself Who else would respond ? : )

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That’s what I get on my watch (Fossil Gen 6, green at X0, red missing) but not on facer view or designer.

In view mode I see your point that whenever it is refreshed the colour change happens at a diferent rotation point each load.

I’m actualy plugging a few numbers into excel so see if I can spot an easy expression to differentite (0||1,2||3…).

I sometimes find that to visually help me with complex expression, to plug in a set of trigger conditions and run additional collums to see if I spot a pattern on repeated maths done on the trigger conditions.
Nothing yet as everything I have tried so far has the same result on any expression for any pair of consecutive numers (and even+odd of course)

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Very Kind of you to ;look at that rob . I will make a version and send you a link to it DM so there is no confusion . I think the grunt code I had ,might be the answer . But the error is not my code , I am sure. I was going to draw some Balls so hang on .

Only thing I can think of is put brackets around the positions… $…?(1600):(100)$
Other than that, no clue

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Thanks Mattie . I published another with what I think is code with added grunt. I am a great believer in () I have not done that one before.

It looks like the top preview when I look at it on my galaxy watch. It’s hard to tell, but maybe the 1.5 sec of green hand, 1.5 sec of red hand. Flashing blue hand at top when green/red hand approach. numbers not really in sync with hands movement. ???


Brad. I think I need to construct a new test. If it all worked perfectly the rotating hands ( sequences ) would swap exactly ( 2 sec ) fwhen the Marker flashes, although it is on for. 25 sec. The number was just for me to check I got the Modulo right. I think the basic maths is OK. I Belive the problem is the syncing of the sequence Duration. I suppose I could send it to Little Labs bit I don’t know if I would get the answer from them. Thanks again for having a look.