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Multiple steps clutter

Someone just downloaded a face of mine and reported " “I have 27![:scream:] pre-installed step counts on my galaxy. ![:disappointed_relieved:]”
Here’s the face:

The code for the steps hand rotation is what I’ve used in many of my faces and they all work properly for me:

Any ideas what’s going on here?

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Sounds like the problem lies with them my friend - “27 pre-installed step counts” suggests to me that they have too many Apps installed to get a proper reading :joy:
Nice Face by the way :+1:

Other than the fact that I use ((#ZSC#/10000)*360) for a step hand I see no issues with what you have. I would have to agree with @icrltd4 and think the end user has an issue. I wonder if it developed a glitch when they synced the face. Just for grins and giggles, I sent it to my Fossil Carlyle test watch, and it shows only one step count on it. It also looks really nice on that watch also. :grin:

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Ok thanks for the info guys. And the compliments :slight_smile:


Nice Face but your code looks like nonsence.

But it posts alright protected… Weird.


That code looks complex

So from the @petruuccios School of Mathematics I present.

((#ZSC#) /(10000/360))

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