Multiple time zones?

I have a friend who lives in norway, I live in utah. I came to facer in hopes of creating a watch face that would allow me to get the time over there just as easily as I can get it over here. I must say the editor is super cool, but I can’t for the life of me figure out the formulas system, much less do dual time zones. I would love to have a super customized watch in 2 time zones, but I don’t understand how this works. Can someone give me a formula or point me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance,
- Gradyn

There is a tag that gives back current time in UTC (idk? google!). Using it you can create any number of gauges/dials showing times in specific time zones, the problem is that you will set it up and the users won’t be able to change it to their liking.

There are only 2 questions:

  1. do you want analog or digital?
  2. (except current time in current time zone) how many time zones do you want to show?

As Mellin mentioned, you can tether off the unversal UTC time to determine the times in both Norway and Utah. I built a simple face below that you can inspect with some major caveats:

  1. the watch only uses the 12-hour scale. It will not show 24-hour time
  2. the user cannot choose the time format
  3. If you travel elsewhere it will only show the time in Utah and Norway
  4. It only shows the time now in the Summer, I dont know what the daylight savings format is in Norway

Since this is a custom face that only you will use then perhaps the above caveats dont matter. That being said, Norway is 2 hours ahead of UTC, Utah is 6 hours behind UTC. You can just add or subtract hours from a tag such as #DUh# for the hour in each location, but you have to compensate for time errors in the math. For the Norway example if UTC is 11:15, it can’t be 13:15 in Norway on the 12-hour scale. Likewise, in Utah if UTC is 4:25, it can’t be negative -2:25 in Utah.
Dropping 10 off the Norway time for problem hours fixes Norway, otherwise add the normal 2 hours:
Adding 6 on Utah for the problem hours fixes Utah, otherwise subtract the normal 6 hours: