Multiple versions of same face

I want to create multiple versions of the same face with only the color changing. Is the an easy way to do this?



Welcome @chrisandrewsphoto :slightly_smiling_face:
You must have the Pro version of the Facer creator. Then you can use themes to change colours or use VAR variables to interactively change design elements.
Without the Pro version, you can bind element colour changes to time, such as seconds or the time from turning on the watch face after DIM mode.

Or if you don’t want to do like @lucky.andrei said you could always do it the way I do. I just make the first watch face in a color, then duplicate it and change to another color. You can keep doing that for all the colors you like. That way people only have to sync the color they want, plus free users like myself can also sync your faces. If you do the interactive version that excludes all the free users from your face.