Multiple Watches

My Facer digital watch face runs fine on my new Ticwatch E. I also have a 2nd generation Moto 360. I want to run the same watch face on both. My gold Moto 360 is no longer shown on the Facer Motorola watches list. Closest one is the gold Womens watch. Can’t find a list of my watches. How can I use my digital face on both watches?

As long as both watchs are connected to yoir phone they should both work since they are both wearOS. I believe anyways.

In wear os app switch the watch to moto 360. Then go to Facer app, and regardeless which watch you have in Facer app you be able to sync the face you want. In Facer, chose one particular watch is just a skin for the preview. The app that controls what watch are active is wear os app. Greetings!

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