Mx-u her is my new designe ,let me know what do u think

ok. her is my designe first one create for fun.


Wow, I really like the tan colour, looks very military-ish.

Thanks :grinning: @ceddielegrand0211

I really like the color! It was the first thing I noticed as soon as I saw the watch. The face look clean and very nice! Congrats! :clap::clap::clap:

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Also I want to mention that, the contrast between the tan color and the black is excellent. I will not be surprised if it get feature by Facer.

Thanks :grinning:

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Well … i like this design but i don´t think it will be featured by facer - because it´s very similar to a real watch face and in fact a copyright infrinction…

You should remove the logo and redesign it a little bit to avoid problems.

Greetings, GAUSS.


Good point! I never do very similar watches for that reason. I want to become a Creator Partner one day and, I don’t want to have any strikes on copyrights. It is stated by Facer that you can not have, not even one strike if you want to become a Creator Partner. Thank you @GAUSS for the reminder! :wink:

To @kacarcuneyt: You should remove the branding as soon as possible before Facer notices my friend.

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Thanks for comment i Will remove logo today.


Ok remove logo thanks for all comment.

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Hello, i like your Mx-u. Only the darkmote is Not nice. can you make it also like the daymote.

Thanks @deperry50 i Will try to fix.

The TOS are here:

The artwork must be yours.

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yeah this stuff again …
i hate copied and “homage” watches , i think it shows lack of creativity …
try creating your own buddy :+1:

you will get one soon buddy. @georges.nasr.ia

Jep i creat all my designe my self.Ps Ai. But i never creat copy, i creat u - boat Just for fun.

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Facer provides a space to describe your design. If you are honoring an artist or a brand, even if just for fun, and you have permission to use their design, it is always helpful if you can give credit to the source in your description.

Thanks @Linlay i know that from now it Will be just my designe.

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