My 1000th Watch Face

For number 1000 I had to do something different. This face is all about the weather and is nothing but a large weather icon. Sunny days has a revolving sun. Cloudy days has cloud cover. On rainy days you will see the rain coming down. During thunderstorms you will see the rain and lightning strikes. On snowy days it will snow and the ground will have snow on it. And on foggy misty days there is a mist that covers everything. At sunset the screen darkens a little and all the weather changes to night time with the moon taking the place of the sun. It also has temperature and humidity plus the text weather condition.

It is open for inspection so you can see how ‘redneck’ I am at designing faces.
And of course it’s a FREE face.


Congratulations on the milestone and the cool face!

Great job dude!!!

Wow, 1000! That’s pretty amazing! How many years did it take you? Congrats, and this is a cool face!

One year. When I first started last year I was doing 4 or 5 a day. Retirement is nice for having time to do stuff you “want” to do. :smiley:


looking nice!

Impressive prolificasy! …proliferation? …whatever the word is… That’s a lot of output !

I like the watch face, but exploring it (under inspection) I think the seconds logic is too complicated.

Less is more, and I would suggest instead:


If you are talking about the rotating sun basing it off of seconds instead of elapsed time active would force a reset at zero seconds if any speed other than normal seconds are used. (Which tends to look somewhat “glitchy”) Using ((#DWE#%30)*12) is the best option to avoid that. If that’s not what you’re talking about then I’m not sure what area you are speaking of.

Whoow!! A very hard work. My best compliments. Very nice effects

I meant for the second hand …

Very pleasant, I like it.

Oh that, I had forgotten that I used that. It’s kind of special. I use it on only a few faces just because of it’s unusual movement. Kind of like a cross between standard tics and sweep movement. It came from here on the Facer Community. A fellow was having issues with the expression he wrote on some WearOS watches. @mikeoday and @ThaMattie were providing revisions and I was testing everything using my Samsung and TicWatch E. I only use that expression now on the cartoon style and other special faces. Generally I use standard tics (#DWFS#) or (round(#DWFSS#)) for a ‘realistic’ 6 tic per second sweep.

I like the way the shadows of the hands move position.
That and the second hand sweep do make it look more realistic.

Very nice work!

Nice watch face!

I am really new to this - how do I ‘inspect’ the source behind the face? Thanks! :slight_smile:

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My usual method …

  • right-click on watchface, open in new tab
  • select ‘rocket’ icon
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Just to add to what @andrew.dowden said here is a visual also.

Just click the rocket.

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