My 100th published watchface!

This face is the 100th I’ve published on Facer since I began at the beginning of February. I think it’s worthy of the milestone, it looks great on the watch to me. This is the more ambitious brother of Starburst Contemporain which was published earlier in the week. It was a roundabout way to get to this design however as it began with the a quite different blue dial and the open worked concept. As I was working on that, the Starburst Contemporain face kind of revealed itself to me and I switched gears to finish that. When I came back to this one it now fell under the influence of the Contemporain design and so here it is!

I hope you all have enjoyed at least a few of the 100 from the B Sharp collection. The B Sharp brand is all about bringing maximum mechanical and graphical realism in analog designs. Be sure to follow here and on Instagram, more to come!


Beautiful, very special design

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Very nice! I like!

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@GAUSS @rarest Thanks !

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