My 2nd attempt at this classic watch

Hi everyone i did this watch face originally back when i was very new to all this so i thought i would see how much better i could make it this is the result please tell me what you think if you press the center the watch face numbers will appear.



I love the detail, colours and animation.

Have you tried adding a control to turn on and off the rotating highlight - in case some people prefer it without?


Or, fade after 2-3 seconds from wakeup.

Or, only visible AFTER display awake for 12+ seconds …

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Thanks Guys i have added a switch to turn on/off the effect just press the torbjorn center to turn on defaulted to off ok

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He He spelt that wrong its a Tourbillon

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That really is wonderful - well done !

Very cool! You spelled Derek wrong btw, It’s “Derrick”.

I only bring it up in case people think it’s only for a guy named Derek lol.

HAHA thanks mate i will change it before i publish

Beautiful animation, congratulations.

Thank you so much this one did take a while but i loved the real watch so much i had to try to do it justice

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