My Attempt At A Fully Mechanical Looking Watch Face

Technically everything on the face of this watch “could” be done mechanically, though the weather conditions icon would have to have something to make it show the correct one, but I digress. And if you are curious about the “brand” name of the watch, that is my wife’s family name. Gotta keep the little woman happy now, don’t you know. :laughing:

MAG 1430


Well it definitely works and looks pretty good too…nice work Mr Antisocial Sir :clap:

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Looks good. I would only make the dim mode more dimmerderder. It is lighter than active because of the lack of shadows now.

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Fortunately that is an easy fix.

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Good morning !!! @icrltd4@ThaMattie@mrantisocialguy :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: :wink:
Today, by, I saw the design of mrantisocialguy, and the truth is that I really liked the new style !!!
Something simple and with a lot of style !!! wonderful design … :sunglasses: :+1:
I like how the shadows are made … very real !!! :cowboy_hat_face: :+1:


I tried to post a translation of the post by paulabacchetta but the system removed the quote. It appears that paulabacchetta will have to translate her own post into English for the English community.

Great !!! Love it!!! and also the name of the watch very well!!!
Thanks @Linlay :+1: