My Best Face Yet (in my opinion of course)

A HUGE Thank You to everyone who’s helped me learned on here :grinning:
I’ve used all the Elements I’ve learnt so far to create this…

Please let me know what you think guys


I like the twin flames, that’s a nice touch. They add that little “extra” that makes a face stand out from the rest.

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Thank you Sir, and thank you Community for providing them

Good work. I like the seconds behavior (the progressive marks but the blinking number also). Cool the golden mask after 12pm :slight_smile: :hugs:

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Thank you Gordon-Packstein, much appreciated. Yes, the Seconds behaviour is a favourite of mine, I try to incorporate it wherever I can.

Nice. I hope to learn how to do at least this much!

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Thank you dap8576, it’s easy enough if you follow useful info posted in the Community like I did, and plenty of people can help if you ask ok :slightly_smiling_face:

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