My creations are unavailable

I have a number of faces (not all) that I’ve created that show as “Unavailable” when I go to send them to my watch from my phone via the round blue button on the phone app. From what I can see, the differences between those that are “unavailable” and those that I can use on my watch is that those that are indeed unavailable have no status on the website (blank). All the other ones I can use (send to my watch from my phone) have the status of “Draft”. Any ideas? How can I at least change the statuses to at least “draft”? I’ve tried to edit and save the problem faces to change the status - no luck. I’ve tried to send the problem faces to my watch via the web site - no luck there either. TIA

You need to Publish them to be able to send them to your Watch via the App, having them saved as Drafts won’t work.

But the weird thing is that half of them are in draft mode (those I can use and can sync up between my phone and my watch without any problems) and the other half have no status whatsoever…

@icrltd4 I send my unpublished faces to my watch from the computer all the time. Publishing is only so other people can sync them.

@twwoods1969 It sounds as if the watch faces have become corrupted for some reason or another. Try duplicating the “unavailable” ones and then delete the problem ones. That might fix your issue. If not you’ll just have to end up making a new version that will work for you. Personally I’ve never had that issue so I can only guess what might fix it. If all else fails contact @Facer_Official at: Submit a request – How can we help? or email them at:

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Thanks! I briefly thought about duplicating them but then must’ve moved onto trying something else… And thanks for the links as well. Much appreciated!

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Hello! Just to close things up (and to help those who might have this same issue) - I duplicated those I could not send from my phone, edited and saved the newly duplicated faces , deleted the original and everything was just fine. Thanks again for your help! Duplication did the trick!