My Designs vs Published Designs

Can someone tell my the difference between the two sections: My Designs vs Published Designs?

The reason is because on the creator page it doesn’t seem clear to me the difference. There are live watches that are put into there, don’t know why. That is the reason I am seeking clarification.


My designs are a fancy name for “Drafts.” If you have a “Published” design in this section it means that you have opened up that face and made some kind of change to it. This puts it back into the draft section however if people were to sync it they would get the most recently published version. You have to go and click the update button to publish any of the changes made. They do say Live or Draft on them though. You mentioned that their are “Live” watches in there. If this is true then it may be a bug because I’ve never seen that before and not sure why it would be happening.

I took a pic and I count at least 8 of my “Live” watches in the drafts section.

@feonix_07, if you open a live watch to look at something, and click the save button, the creator will sometimes recognize a "change"which will put the design in draft mode.
I used to open my live faces all the time to remember how I did something. Don’t click save. For the ones that are drafts now, just edit them again and click update to republish

Thank you, that helped out.