My first animated watch face

I read tutorial how to make animated gif

What is it?:anguished::joy: It scared me, honestly I didn’t understand anything 100%, even after translating into my native language… Probably I should read another topics, how to make it right​:blush:


looks cool. You may be able to play with the animation a little bit more. Try making it look and then add some movement to the overall image sequence. Something like this for the X/Y movement:
(135+ sin((#DWFSS#/4))*80)
(75+ sin((#DWFSS#/4))*25)

OMG😊Thank you for your comment)I read all the topics about animation and did not understand anything !!! I am very bad at math) can you help me how to make it move from one point to another upwards↗️ without repeating, only one way?
I will play with your formula, thanks :blush: