My first animation work

I guess it did not work very well. after all the first try.


This is so cute. I love how the scenery changes …sooo cute

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I really like it, nice! Another face where the fastforward is also really cool :smiley:

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I remember running into this problem before… one was too slow, another too fast.

The current watch I’m working on is on the fast side, so if I have any breakthroughs I’ll post my results :smiley:

Either way, nice work!


I love animations. :heart_eyes:
Unfortunately, mine did not do as well as I had hoped. I guess the demand just was not there from my women Followers.

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I like it a lot! Very nice idea!




I do not have much time for the facer. I have a very limited time to design an hour. Here you have to be retired or unemployed to do a successful job or you must make money from the Facer

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Not necessarily. Some do it for a hobby as time permits.

I like, the movement is nice one, well done, I would like to know how to do something like, but there I can.

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I am not retired and i am fully employed…

It‘s a nice creative hobby but for sure it takes time…


This seems like a closed minded response- Granted I dont make money off of facer but its fun to create and take time to make stuff- and most people have time for some hobbies- why cant facer be one?


Neat. Time display is too small though.

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But - the best is - it doesn‘t cost a dime. Most hobbies are expensive…

BTW, in my eyes, everyone who creates watch faces is a true artist and/or designer. We only don‘t work with materials…

Very cool! Well done on all the elements!