My first attemp at active shadows

Well this is my first try at using light to adapt the shadows on the watch face tell me what you think


Ahhh, cool idea! If I knew how to use the gyro features, I’d try making those lights and shadows work based on the tilt of your wrist.

LOL that is how I made it work to begin with but its hard to show that off on here it would just look stationary but the gyro commands are in there I only have to turn them back on

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Oh, well if all you’re worried about is showing people in here how it looks when you DO move your wrist, maybe you could just do a little video showing it moving?

Think i have decided i will release 2 versions 1 with gyro control and 1 without that way people can decide for them selves

Very nice job!

Thanks I just added the effect to one of my other new Faces and im quite happy with how it works

See what you think


Yeah thats cool.

Hi, for the gyroscope try to see if this link helps you (Oops)

Nice, thanks. Only way to test is to sync though right?