My first attempt at a Watch Face

Fairly simple and think pretty clean, has a battery gauge on left similar to some watch I saw a while ago, the top two dots change color based on battery % too. Still debating on the upper battery dots. What do you think?



beautiful face excellent readability, congratulations.

Nice work! I like!

I like it too. Nice Hands. I would omit the yellow dots. The shadows provide a good depth.

I like it, I’m a fan of clean designs!
I have a few suggestions though if you’d like the feedback?

The hour tick marks between the numbers are very similar to the “1” digit used on the “12” so it looks a little off on that side. Maybe make those markers slightly smaller and narrower to differentiate.

Also, and this may not be the case with other watches, the Samsung Galaxy Watch uses yellow dots for notifications on the left side of the face, this may get confused with the dots you’ve used (it may not though).

Overall, good work!

Thanks everyone! I think I will get rid of the top dots, they were more a proof of concept for me, Not sure about doing anything with the markers yet. I love how easy it is to make faces.

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Clean looking watch face.
Very nice job.

This is awesome… and something very close to what I’m trying to achieve.

I have a couple of questions, sorry I’m a proper noob to Facer.

To just get the 12, 3, 6 and 9 hour numbers, did you just cover up the others or did you use a background image…?

I no background image, how do you change the font of the numbers…?


Thanks! Honestly I used a background image, which worked fine until I wanted to make some items that were needing to be behind the background, like the calendar and the battery graph, then I needed to actually set the numbers image to match the background image, that way I could then put stuff behind the face. If I wanted to change the font I would need to change the image and then re-upload it.

I hope that helps,