My first attempt at using sequence

I experimented with fonts and slopes and ended with experimenting with sequence. Cant guess the speed of the waves right. Also could not find passing name for it.


Hey, nice work done on this one. Don’t know if it helps or not, but with sequences, I find they tend to look right in the creator, when they’re actually a little faster in real life, so I always make them a little slower in creator before publishing. For example: if looks right in the creator at 0.6 speed, I’ll change it to 1 before publishing.

Thanks for advice. I just changed it from 1s to 1.5. Maybe still too fast, but about limit for being fluent with just 25 frames.

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No worries my friend, only proper way to check is obviously syncing it…that’s a reason why we see notifications of people publishing the same Face a few times, because they need to keep amending things. Gotta go speed up my latest design now :joy:

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