My First Collection

Every day is a learning day here!

Today I decided to figure out collections. Of the handful of designs I’ve used to learn Facer, none paired together well enough for a collection. So today’s project was to build some new assets, design a face around them, and then start swapping assets to get variety.

Of course, I quickly hit the rabbit trail of “this is nice, but if it really needs this too”. So on the way to a collection I ended up dabbling with gauges, rounded corners, and (my favorite) highlights that fall on hands naturally and shift as they round the face.


We are very happy that you are designing here and have motivation.good luck :100: :ok_hand:

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Welcome to the Community @brian.bontrager :beers: You’re off to a good start there, keep up the good work :+1: Don’t forget to check out the Resources section here as well, where you’ll find loads of Elements you can utilize for free.

Welcome to the community- you will enjoy it fo sure.
I like your logo - very smart and elegant looking.
There was a discussion here some time ago …about using llll or lV .

But it’s your choice and your watch

I appreciate the compliment!

I was curious about the mixed use of IIII and IV that I noticed in Facer’s stock numbers. Thanks for the link about it. Good stuff in there.

When I first built my Roman number image I published and wore a face for a few hours before realizing my 12 was XIII.

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That is really awesome! Your collection looks neat and “tidy” keep up the hard work!! :star_struck: