My first design, elements rendered in blender 3d


Nice clean-looking design. :slight_smile:

Thank you.

Nice look. I am working wih AutoCad… :slight_smile:

Thanks your watches are great.

Thank you.

I like it!

For some reason, my eyes naturally draw to the right side first. I think temp is higher priority than batter %. I check temp several times a day–especially this time of year. I am looking to see if I need a jacket when I go between buildings at work. My watch battery lasts easily a full day–sometimes two–without a charge. So, if I were making this face, the ONLY thing I would change is to swap those two elements.

Strong work. Very classy look. A nice “going out” watch.

thanks for the input, i do agree with you about the temp so will change it around.

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Maybe you should add a Dim-Picture. A lot of Designer don´t spend much work or time in the DIM-Mode. ImhO that´s wrong, because a watch should be nice in DIM-Mode too. Your Solution for sure is very batteryfriendly, but not that beautiful. You could render a darker Image (or change it with Photoshop)…



I guess I prefer the battery saving. :slight_smile:

Nice work, keep it up :slight_smile:

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