My first design, new to Facer!

Hi everyone,

I recently got a Ticwatch Pro3 and decided to create a simple design that shows the most basic information that I need.

I’m not an experienced designer or programmer so the most “complex” part for me was highlighting the current day of the week (which starts on Monday here in the Netherlands) and highlighting the current day. I struggled with the alignment of text but I hope it works now. The idea is a 3-character day of the week which would color yellow for the current day. I ended up creating 7 elements for the “not current” days in grey and 7 elements for the “current” day in yellow. Couldn’t think of anything easier or it wouldn’t align properly.

Please let me know your thoughts and if you’ve tested it let me know if there are any serious issues!


Looks great! Great job!


Welcome teunboer! Nice design! I think your multi layer solution for the highlighted day is pretty much the way most would do it.

There only critique I’d have for the face is if it were me I’d have a hard time reading some of the smaller text. But if you can see it fine then no problem :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the feedback! Funny, I sometimes find myself having the same critique of other watches and now I do it myself :grinning:. It’s not easy to squeeze so much info on a small watch face without it looking too crowded. I’ve done some minor tweaks and will keep improving it as I use the watch face.

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That’s pretty neat for your first face teunboer, well done, and welcome to the Facer Community as well :beers:
(Just as a heads up. I usually find around about size 20 for fonts is good for readability).

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Welcome! Looks great and an excellent first attempt. Nice use of ‘space’, but make sure the data is legible. Keep on 'Swoosh’ing. Best, Rich (MACH-1)


Welcome to the Facer.comunidad group @teunboer !!!

I congratulate you on your first design !!! :slightly_smiling_face::clap::clap::clap:
It looks very interesting and elegant …
For whatever help you need, someone from the group will always help you, with your questions …
For whatever you need …
I wish you good luck with your ideas and work:+1:
Cordially!!! JDCardozo


I see you’ve changed the sizing on some of the Fonts teunboer…it looks much nicer now, well done :clap::eyes::beers:


Welcome fellow Dutchman, be carefull, designing watch faces can be very addictive :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
Enjoy your time here


Mooi gemaakt en welkom!
Veel plezier met Facer.
Tsja… sommige groeperingen in Nederland zeggen dat de week op zondag begint, voor anderen op maandag :wink:
Top dat je ook een mooie dim-versie hebt gemaakt. Een hoop ontwerpers vergeet dat!
Ik ga je volgen!

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Well may I say good job. Most first faces are a photo with hands on. Keep the Battery Gauge on your faces for us who sometimes have to charge twice a day.


Nice job overall, and especially for a first attempt :slight_smile:
Love Netherlands and Dutch people!
Hope you stay around and find fun in the creative process =)