My (first) DragonBall radar Face

Hi everyone,

New to facer, i was looking for a dragon ball radar face and the one available on Facer doesnt satisfy me so i decided to create my vision of the dragon ball radar face : )
I’ll try to make it better but if you have any comments, i’m glat to read it !


Welcome to the group @phcarcel !!!

This is a group where you can meet designers, programmers, and many good people, who can help you with your questions and ideas that you need …

I tell you that your design is very interesting with respect to the radar that you have created … it looks very real and cool !!! :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:
You have an interesting beginning, to continue designing, programming and creating new watch faces !!!

If you like programming and designing … Look at this page of facer, which will inform you about the subject … It’s very interesting !!!

Tutorials-facer :point_left:

And I also recommend that you join us in the group “” where you will have a lot of information in the entire area :wink:

Cordially JDCardozo

Welcome to the Facer Community phcarcel (yes Cardozo, this is the Facer Community :joy:)
That’s an interesting Face you’ve created there, a bit too minimal for my tastes (I’m the one who loves animations and flashing bits lol), I’m sure you’ll do well in all your creations :clap: