My first face! Need some help

Hello friends!

Finally, I found the “community” button and I want to share my first face on Facer. I made my very first face last summer for Mi Band 6, except for one more unpublished dial, this one turns out to be the third in a row. The xiaomi tracker has a number of serious limitations, primarily in terms of file size, so I had to fit a complex cyclic animation from bitmaps into 1.4 megabytes. It was difficult, and took almost a month, with a ton of rework, but very interesting. A few days ago I stumbled upon the facer and it turned out that there are many more possibilities, it’s inspiring! As a test, I made this face, now I’m thinking about a number of improvements, just to achieve more usability. In this regard, I have a number of questions that I have not yet found answers to:

  1. What is the maximum allowed resolution for bitmaps?
  2. What is the allowable size of the collected file?
  3. How to fold the analog hands so that they do not interfere with the date view area, for example? I saw such an implementation in some watch faces through a tap on the screen, but they did not have the opportunity to see the implementation. Do you need a premium for this?

I already figured out the code for the second hand, for which special thanks to the participant Mr. Antisocial Guy - watch faces for Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S3, Huawei Watch, and more - Facer His answer to the question and the test face with the second hands helped a lot, dude you are cool!


Hello and welcome.
it is useful to use the search field. It gives topics containing your key words like image size.
Now to your questions

People have been asking around again and again, because there is no clear documentation about what exactly will happen to the oversized images. The guide mentions sizes only in regard of the templates in creator for apple faces.
Sorry don’t know what the maximum allowed size is, but the working canvas is 320x320 and all images are scaled down to half or to not exceed this canvas size upon inserting. It seems that they are actually stored in some higher resolution than half original, just not the original one.
The most used practice is to resize your images to double pixels of what they have to be in the canvas units.

I guess what your PC and watch can handle, but there is no counter that would show summarized resources size.

If you intend to park the hands with a tap, you need a pro subscription to be allowed to create face with interactive features and other people wanting to use such your faces would need premium subscription.
If you just want them hands to let you have a glance for what its below, you can make them run from parking position to the actual time after wake up even with the basic subscription.


Thank you! A very exhaustive answer :slight_smile: I’ll have to do without tap on zones for now.


This is so badass. I need to learn how to do this