My first Facer face

Before I bought my first smart watch (Samsung Galaxy 46"") I wanted to have a face that was easy to read and also used minimal battery power. So I designed a face that gave me only the information I wanted from a watch, and used only primary colors to minimize pixel power.

I designed the face using Galaxy Watch Designer (GWD), but it took me more than a month to get the design finished and published on the Galaxy site. The reason was that the GWD documentation and upload procedures are confusing, conflicting, and lacking several key descriptions.

Recently I discovered Facer and was able to recreate my face and get it published in just a few hours. After a few more hours I was able to enhance the face with some custom hands that I like better than the stock ones. Here is the link to my Facer face: Bold&Brave


Cool! That’s how we all started.

Good stuff and welcome to the Facer community. I too started out designing a few faces on the Galaxy app. The publishing process is rather convoluted for no meaningful reason.

Welcome, simple and easy to read!