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My first foray into the lunar domain

I avoided this lunacy for a long time, but the new moon tags just cry out to be used. Even then, there was much research/reading/testing to get going. And then came sizing up the moon disk and cutting open its aperture on the dial. :crazy_face:
Not crazy about AOD since there’s no lume on the face.

It’s too bad you can’t zoom/enlarge watch faces when viewing them, too much detail is lost (not that you see all detail on the watch itself, but still!). That’s one of the reasons I add promo cards.


Love a Face in a Face. :slightly_smiling_face:


That’s brilliant, excellent work my friend :beers:


Thanks guys. Since it has no actual lume, I added feathered white glow to the hands and markers for AOD but I’m not sure how I feel about it. Should I reduce the glow some?

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I think the AOD looks fine. It always looks different on a watch. WOS3 uses the Samsung style AOD. It is much brighter on my new GW4 than the old Active running Tizen.

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To quote Thelma Plum’s song: better in blak.
Had to go back and update it with black and white dial options.