My first Watch Faces

Only been here less than a day so far and already the app is great I am loving messing around and figuring things out I would love to figure out how to use the chronograph function but there does not seem to be much in the way of tutorials for this.

these are my first faces that I have created

Animal Crossing - Isabelle
I love Neo
Airbus A350

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Very nice for a “beginner”
keep it up

Thank’s its quite a lot of fun designing on this platform. I have quite a few idea’s I want to look at going forwards.

with the airbus face you should put the battery indicator in the foreground otherwise you won’t see it

and the sunrise complication best behind the hands.
is just a suggestion i don’t want to be knowledgeable

No that’s fine, I appreciate all suggestions I will go back on it later on and make a few tweaks :slightly_smiling_face:

improved the design battery is in the centre and set to appear above everything else. also made some improvements to the general design layout to make it easier to read. the complication is gone for now just easier and allows it to be downloaded by more people.

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Lovely colourful designs Tim, well done!

I tried to view your faces but they are deleted.

Love the one I can see, but the link to the others isn’t working sadly.

Hi Everyone I have just finished rebuilding my designs hence why they were deleted they are up again now check out my gallery I will post new links shortly


One had to be deleted due to copyright that so designed a new one.