My first Watchface by RAVEN

Greetings to the community, my first self-designed watch design.
I like to read tips and suggestions to learn … Thank you


welcome Raven! Nice 1st face! I like the subtle color change, and overall I appreciate the clean uncluttered style. My only suggestion is to be careful about small type size, particularly with more stylized fonts. The temperature at the top is barely readable on the larger preview on my PC, I’m sure it would be impossible for me on the watch. The date is borderline. I think the balance looks good in this font and that size, but the combo makes it a little hard to read too. If it were me I’d experiment with slightly bigger with the same font, or same size with a more neutral sans-serif font.


Welcome @upgrade-gd

I like the style you have, I’m a “less is more” kinda guy, and this is a nice clean, but not boring, watch face. I agree with Kevin on the font sizes, and I would also omit the seconds in DIM mode because most watches only update once a minute in DIM.


Thanks for your feedback, I changed the temperature display from 16 to 21 according to your advice and switched off the seconds display in dark mode


Welcome to the group !!! @upgrade-gd

This is a group where you can meet designers, programmers, and many good people, and also … who can help you with your questions and ideas that you need …

I congratulate you on your first design !!! Very nice!!! :wink: :clap:
For my part, I really like the type of design of your numbers (The time) … :slightly_smiling_face: :+1: :100:
And also the idea of the effect of the sea !!! very fantastic !!! :dizzy:
But, I also agree with the comments of @ThaMattie and @kvansant … With everything else …

I wish you all the best in this group and that you enjoy it very much
Cordially JDCardozo

Welcome to the Community Raven, and congratulations on a very nice, clean, and well presented Face, I like it. I will say that the logo name at the top isn’t visible either, maybe enlarge the whole logo design a little?
Oh…I love your Vespa design also, more so than this one (I love animations you see lol), but your logo and name definitely needs to be enlarged ok :+1:

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Very cool. Regarding sizing, sometimes I’ll take a jpeg of my design and sync it to make sure I can read everything.