My go to watch face, for now

I have made a few faces recently but the one I keep going back to, for battery conservation and it has all I need is this:

All the info I need, low OLED dim usage with red text. Indicators for need to charge, nearly charged. Basic weather and wind.


Don’t need Nice Hands if you have a Nice Face. Let the weather go . I don’t think a Facer askes Open Weather if it is Raining too often but that is still a few Milliamps per Day .

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I wanted something to fill the space at the bottom and have been trying to get my wind speed/direction formulas sorted so wanted a running comparison.
Will probably do a heart/steps version later.

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OK, did the V2:


Just saying the Mobile Battery Gauge seems to snap to red at 50% . You probably intended that . Peter was saying that sometimes happens. Got Bubbles on a power test . Looking very Economical . Got the Phone Gauge working with a BT Reconnect .

Yeah, still testing bubbles for power and getting mixed results but possibly due to multi sincing do will have to sync the V5, reboot watch and monitor.
I still like the simplicity of this one though.

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I love my ECO Faces but after half a day I want to check some other stuff. Completely Hooked on what the Moon is doing. We have a Moon Clock. Two tide clocks. Moon on my Mobile. Moon on my watch. Then you can just look out the window as well but it is not always there. I reckon a Sync takes 5% up to 10 if it all gets Sticky.

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I have my phone for that too:

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