My hand games not quite up to snuff

I would be very happy if I understood how to use the templates! :slight_smile: if you have a moment sometime to explain that would be great…

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Pleasure . To try explain how to use Templates . I actually make them on CAD . I have good Global ( Circular ) Array stuff on there . To use them you need a Platform that will handle multiple layers . I am looking at at the moment But I normally use Autodesk Sketchbook Pro . These are Platforms that allow you to remove background stuff , move things about and rotate them easily . Obviously Scaling is critical . Most allow you to modify the colour of things not to mention Opacity . let’s you Emboss Stuff and make drop Shadows that are soft . There are a few Topics on the other platforms that have these things .
You would open a template then a hand or some special Numerals to move and scale on a separate Layer above the template . Or of it was a picture , the template would be above at 50% Opacity . When you think you are happy with the composition you switch off the template layer and Save the image as a .png that will have a transparent background . I have other templates that have to be prepared to post on here .
This is an Interesting legacy topic Flagging up PowerPoint for a graphics package . I think Peter is a Fan as well .

Here some baton hands. These aint great, but fast done in my favorite office tool.


What graphics program are you using? Since I use Photo Impact, I find that I can’t do everything the way it’s suggested here, but I’ve found ways. I Checked one of your images in my program and found it wasn’t completely vertical. If you can set that in your program that’s the first step. Second, to center it your canvas needs to be bigger or your hand smaller. If you can change the size of the hand make sure to maintain the aspect ratio. Finally, in my program I use this object
center device. I center it and place it behind the hand and then move the hand to get it centered. For large hands I increase the size of the object (keeping it round) For hands that have a center mark I put it in front of the hand and decrease it’s opacity so I can see through it. This works for me, but might not be suitable for your graphics program.

center device


I also use Inkscape (it’s free but I only understand about 5% of it) and I use painted too.

Paint.3d :grinning:

I am new and still figuring this out, so forgive me if this seems pedestrian.
I have learned that PowerPoint is way easier than layering in Facer, so I do that. My hands are a little less contemporary as I am still working out the artistry of it.
I create my hands beside the face I created on the same slide and measure center to… whatever point I want the hand to end. Then:

  1. Draw the hand and group all parts.
  2. Copy/paste the hand, then flip and join them end to end.
  3. Set transparency on inverted hand to 100%, then highlight and group top and bottom hands.
  4. Save as picture and use in Facer. Works near flawlessly for me with only stretching to fine tune necessary.

Hope that is of some use.

Thats the way I do them too, with one thing I would describe differently

I flip, then align them center to center, then make the flipped duplicate transparent, select both and export as image.

Yes….that is much more accurate. S’funny, I’ve been burdened with pot at work for almost two decades and finally found some peace with it.