My Hands Does not rotate in the center

Hi to all
I have a big problem with a set of hands that instead of rotating pivoting in the centre, rotate all along the dial’s circumference as drunk hands.
Was a friend to give me this set and he uses this set.
What can i do to solve my problem?
I attach image of the indicted hands
Any help will be very very welcomed
Thanks, cheers

Hi i have looked at your hands and can see one major problem you need to create a center for them to rotate from i have modified one to show you

Here you will notice i have taken the center of the bottom round section and made that the center of the image so it now will rotate from the center and work correctly

Sorry bad example check this one

Thx very very much. You saved me from madness. I arranged all the hands, by attempts, as you told and now…they work perfectly. WONDERFUL:grinning::blush:
You see, i’m a really beginner who is moving his first steps and often i find myself in front of an impassable wall. It’s a luck that in the community there are a lot of good souls :smiley:
Thx again, have a nice day

no problem anything i can do to help just ask

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thanks, very nice

The pivot point had to be in the centre of the PNG