My images will not transfer to Apple Watch Ultra!?

I am really new to Facer Creator. When I design a new watch face, I have been trying to insert a picture from my photo library into the template. It shows up on the template on Facer Creator along with the other items I have included. It shows up correct in the preview also. However, when I send it to my Apple Watch Ultra, the picture or image never transfers! It just leaves a spot where it was with a grey scale frame. Any ideas why my pictures or images won’t show up on my watch face after I create them and send them to watch?? Also, I am trying to find a template or make a design that has 1 image in the background and then the ability to add around 10 icons such as temp, music, radar, etc. If anyone has a template like that or one they have already made and published, please share with me or send me the link to it. Thank you so much!!

I tried the same thing. Did you ever get this to work?

Just checking …

So you are using Facer Creator on your PC to create an Apple Photo face, is that right?

No, I am just trying to load the premium faces. I have premium set up on my iPhone app and I cannot download any of the images. I only get the underlying Apple face such as Modular Duo.

If I ever get that going, then I can move on to creating a face on my Mac.

I have contacted support, but have not gotten a reply. They have responded to the review I gave them in the AppStore though by asking me to contact support.

Sorry just saw your reply. Are you able to post a screen shot of what the uploaded face looks like? Do you get some kind of error message where the complications should be or are they just blank? Is it only Premium faces that you are having issues with or can’t you sync any Facer face?