My introduction & Initial Works

Hello, fellow Facers!

I would like to send a link to my profile to introduce myself as a starter in this community. I currently has a showcase of 5 faces and 3 more in the pipeline, which should be released within the next weeks.

As yet, I have found a new hobby in designing watch faces and truly love it thanks to Facer. So to keep it short, following are the links to my Facer site where you can have a look at all my creations and 2 more links showing my personal favourites to date.

My Profile

Favourite Faces designed by myself so far:

Midnight Frost

The Classic

As always, I would appreciate your feedback on any of the watches I have created so far as I keep learning and loving every day more and more about these products.

Thank you and looking forward to hearing from you.

Liam Camilleri

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Welcome @LiamC. Creating watch faces is a lot of fun! Greetings, GAUSS.

Thank you @GAUSS. I have seen your works already and I like your creations :smiley: Glad to be welcomed by someone as you.

To much honour but thank you for your nice words. :slight_smile:

Welcome @LiamC.
Designing watch faces is a kind of addiction for all of us !