My latest creation with moon phase

I haven’t posted much here even though I already have over 2000 designs. Here’s my latest one.

I’m pretty pleased with how it came out. I wish I could claim credit for the beautiful textured face, but I don’t have such skill. It was borrowed from an image of a watch I found online. Still, it took quite a bit of my work to make it usable for a Facer watch face. Then again, I didn’t design the true type font I used to create the numbers.
I was excited to finally understand how to create my own moon phase dial. I didn’t draw the moon image from scratch either, but I did create the dial. But what I’m most pleased with was that since the rotation formulae I found online were so long and confusing, with what I learned, I made my own formula, which I think (I hope) works as well as what I read about. Here it is:


short and sweet.

The other little item that seems to have become a signature part of my watch faces is the moving foot prints to indicate steps. It uses two images, the first with $((round(#Ds#/2))-(#Ds#/2))!=0?100:0$ for the opacity, and the reverse image with $((round(#Ds#/2))-(#Ds#/2))=0?100:0$ for the opacity.

I wouldn’t have been able to come up with these formulae without all the help I’ve gotten here on the Facer community.

  • Warren

That’s pretty neat Sir, I like it, especially your little Steps Icon :+1:
Here’s your Steps as a single, 2 frames gif if you want it -
It’s between these arrows :arrow_right: Steps Feet Gif 01 :arrow_left: It’s there, it’s white lol
And here’s another one in Black for you -
Steps Feet Gif 02


Good job @wsilbers. The moon phases can be tricky.

I took a look at your faces, and you’ve got quite a few gems in there. I especially like some of the antique style ones. You should post more often, I am sure some of the folks here would appreciate your inpute.

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Thanks, & thanks for the GIF

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Thanks for the kudos

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You’re welcome Sir, it’s real easy to create or edit gifs online at :+1:

Since I was encouraged to post more of my creations, here’s my latest one.

It took a bit of work to fit all the components. I like the little window that shows the state of the sun. It’s not deadly accurate. The Sunrise graphic comes on at the hour of sunrise rather than the exact time, and the full sun comes on an hour later. Sunset comes on at the hour of sunset and the night sky comes on an hour later. No points for accuracy, but I like it. If anyone wants to suggest coding to make it more accurate, I’ll be glad to take the info.


Pretty neat, you did a good job there, well done Sir :clap:

That is nice I Like the little day sky window . Thanks for posting the Lite Classic Moon Rotation Formula . It would almost be nice to have nothing digital at all on there and some markers for SR SS . But you have probably had enough working on that .

Yeah, that one is really cool. Good work on all the textures/shadows & extra hands & windows. You’ll get lots of syncs with that! :+1:


Thanks all for your encouragement and kind remarks


You’re most welcome Warren Sir, that’s what we all try to do here, encourage and help one another.
This Is The Way Gif 01

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