My Latest Watch Face

So I spent several hours tonight creating this new face. I can’t decide if I like it or not lol. I need your opinions to help me decide. Also let me know what you see that you might have done a bit different. Sometimes a new perspective helps make things more clear.

When I first put it on my watch, my immediate reaction was blah. And the battery gauge looked a bit small.

But then the more I look at it, I don’t know. Does the battery thing really need to be huge? lol.

I am so indecisive tonight!! Help! LOL :slight_smile:

Heres the link:

Simplistic Watch Face

Here’s my thoughts…

I like the layout and colors for the top half, although personally I like to include the temp as well as the weather icon. Maybe include it underneath in the same font size as the steps.

Suggestions… the outer indicator doesn’t work… it clips into the step text area at one point. I’d change it to something smaller like a circle or arc. Also you mention the gauge looking small. Instead of the text you could use icons which can be bigger and don’t clutter it with more text (as it’s simplistic in design).

Similarly, you already have the indicator change color. Maybe make two gauges, one for phone, one for watch with each having a larger icon for each type inside it. You can still do the rotational indicator, and you get the added bonus of it using more of the watchface so there’s not a lot of negative space.

Also (and this is more personal taste, feel free to ignore all of this :D) I like to include shadows to give watchfaces some depth. Maybe duplicate the text and move it one over each pixel in the X and Y direction and make that layer light green/grey/some other color.

Hope this helps!