My Most plain watch face ever

Tell me what you think i have never done anything like this before i just wanted a plain watch face to look smart for going out tonight so mad this opinions please before i release


whoa pretty nice!

Plain but beautiful!

Very Classy!

What is the expression that you use for the second hand? I’ve always wanted a true mechanical second hand.

Very elegant and classy… well done

hi mate this is the standard expression used to create the 6 moves per second mech feeling (round(#DWFSS#))


Very nice - I love the shinny metal effect!

Thanks for that! I’ve been wondering if Facer could do that. Couldn’t find the right search term to find it ever discussed in the forums here :slight_smile:
In the lua script of watchmaker we use math.floor({drss)} it’s been bugging me to have plain smooth seconds on everything! …now I’ve got 35 faces to update…